I visited Emerald Valley Seed Potatoes in 2014 as part of my final year project for university. Moving from the country to the city I observed an increased disengagement between the individual, supermarkets and the farmers they supply from. Whilst it was second nature in a rural environment to source your own produce and recognise the effort involved there was no similar parallel within the urban context. Farming has always been a core element of the Australian landscape and has a beautiful, rich foundation entrenched in our culture that is unfortunately being left behind. I am inspired to tell the story of


farmers and rural communities to show the beauty, hard work and love that they pour into their work and share it with those who may have forgotten this industry’s roots. Dean and Jill Bone, the owners of Emerald Valley Seed potatoes, were more then happy to show me around their farm and educate me about what happens with the potatoes before we buy them at the supermarket. I documented their beautiful farm and some of the sorting process as a way to showcase the hard work they’ve put into growing fresh produce for our country that most of us take for granted.

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South West Victoria | Melbourne

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